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Fortone Limited - Consultancy

We teach your team how to increase your revenues
and decrease expenses


We assist clients in making existing systems and processes software and Internet capable through our consulting services.

Our consultants are experienced, highly trained, and dedicated to your success and interests. They will provide a fair, balanced, and objective analysis after a thorough review.consultants are motivated problem

solvers and can complement or replace the work of your internal risk management and project management personnel.

Our consulting services have been designed to assist organizations in any stage of software development or Information Technology Implementation and can be employed to evaluate projects that seem to be running smoothly or used to quickly recover on projects that are already destined for trouble.

Some of the unique areas that our consultant looks into, are as below:

  • e-Business Strategy Consulting
  • CRM & SCM Implementation Consulting
  • Knowledge Management Consulting
  • I.T (Technical & Business) Consulting