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Fortone Limited - History

We teach your team how to increase your revenues
and decrease expenses

VSB travels to China in quest of making a fortune with resources available in the emerging and fastest developing market.

Fortone Limited, Hong Kong also known as FLHK, comes into existence on April 23rd, 2008. VSB joins in as Managing Director.

Later in 2008, JSB sets in to join as Director - Administration to form the company policies and develop platform for VSB vision.

After smooth setup and commencement of Hong Kong operations, FLHK gears up for China Operations and starts developing platform in Shenzhen, Guangdong.

First office of representation for FLHK setup in Shenzhen City, Futian District commercial hub - Hua Qiang Bei. JSB appointed as Chief Representative Officer for China Operations.

FLHK carries on with the platform development for the trading, technology and consultancy for its investors and clients. Need for linguistic skills comes in to break the language barrier between rest of the world and China. VSB, being MD, takes on the task to find a solution to this issue, and steps in to join the Shenzhen University to grab a command over the Chinese language.

During same tenure FLHK earns opportunity to collaborate with various engineers and programmers to enter manufacturing and distribution of goods for telecommunication service center needs. Unique solutions to save time and cost for these service centers with appropriate backup of web based applications and websites for registration, service center development and customer satisfaction.

HKB joins in as Director - Customer Service, to handle all the development tasks required for the upcoming web based online customer resolution centers for live support to customers and service centers using products developed and traded by FLHK. This in turn was going to be a turnkey solution for bringing various traders community from across the continents to sell their goods in an international platform, which provided them with various options for Payment settlement gateways, SEO services to push up their product listings.

DSB, Joins in as Director - Finance/Advisor for FLHK in June 2012. FLHK makes more progress on development front with all the valuable financial and system development advise from DSB. FLHK lost a key role player in form of DSB, as December 6th, 2012 he leaves for heavenly abode. All the teachings from him will play a vital role in FLHK development plans.