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Founder & Managing Director



FLHK is established and founded as a Hong Kong based Limited company by Mr. Virinder Singh Bhasin, with an extensive practical experience in the field of development of technology goods and services. Mr. Virinder Singh Bhasin, being a good, young and enthusiast for development in regards to telecom sector made good relationships which opened the door for sourcing related services for FLHK. Also his interest in globe trekking to build up relations helped FLHK, a startup in 2008, to always manage break-even and post profits. His ability to service, consult and trade with clients have helped FLHK to develop in past 5 years, without the need of outside investor in company operations.


Positions Held

Year and Duration

Fortone Limited, Founder & Managing Director

2008 – Current

Fortone Limited, Chief Representative Officer, SZ

2014 - Current